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The End Of The
American Male
Monday June 24, 2024
By Dr. Osborne, MD
Dear Fellow American,

Hi, this is board certified physician Dr. Peter Osborne. I've been practicing clinical nutrition for over 13 years...

You're going to see the truth behind the alarming trend I've seen recent in many of my male patients.

A diagnosis that doctors a generation ago almost never encountered...and yet is now spreading like wildfire... ruining the sexual performance, energy and health of men across the country. Some as young as 27 years old...
American Male
One of my colleagues Dr. Ronald Rothenberg summed up this disturbing trend best when he wrote:

"We Are Just Half The Men Our Fathers Were."
American Male

If this is at all shocking to you, it's because the government and the news media are actively doing whatever they can to downplay the threat you're facing... fearing panicked reactions should the truth become widely known.

In fact, the crisis facing male health in America if far more insidious than anything you may have seen on the TV news or read in the paper about declining sperm counts, depressed libidos and increasing infertility...

And if you're over 30, and especially if your over 40... chances are you've already been affected today even if you're NOT yet experiencing any trouble getting or maintaining an erection... or any other obvious symptoms.

Yet perhaps the scariest part about this threat is that the symptoms you're about to hear about come on slowly.. and sexual side effects are often the last to appear...

You may never even realize that your sudden fatigue... lack of confidence and stubborn weight gain... or your gradually declining desire for sex is something more than a "natural" side-effect of getting older..
You May Have No Idea That You Could Be Enjoying Far More
Vibrant Health, Energy And Sex Drive.

No libido If someone would only tell you the facts about the hidden dangers sabotaging your health and happiness, and how to begin fighting back.

It is my sincere belief as a doctor that if you are a man over 30, you must hear this information without delay, today.

To give you the most important information about your health and sucess as a man that you may ever hear, I'd now like to introduce you to my friend and fellow panel member, national bestselling Sports Nutritionist, personal trainer and Iron Man magazine contributor Mike Westerdal.

Mike understands just how frightening the danger facing male health is becoming. First and foremost he is a family man. He lives in Florida with his wife and two children and serves as a deacon for his church. So he also understands the crucial importance that reaching your full potential as a man has for both your health and your family community.

Mike Westerdal
He will be sharing what the latest research proves is the real culprit responsible for the epidemic of male decline in America today. This affects almost every area of your life and by extension the health of our entire nation. He will also reveal little-known practical strategies to combat this menace, including one that takes you only 10 seconds a day.

Welcome, Mike...

Thank you, Doctor Osborne. Let's get right into the vital information you need to know.

For men, the newest research proves virtually everything to do with our health and performance is directly affected by one factor: Your HORMONES.
Yes, I Said Hormones Plural As In More Than Just The "Big T", Testosterone.

Hormones Sure there are ads all over TV, magazines and the Internet these days talking about testosterone and how crucial it is for your libido and your natural born ability as a man to get and keep a functional erection...

And that's absolutely true...

Yet it's only PART of the story.

You see, there are two more pieces of the puzzle that the media and the government have been keeping from you, and in fact praying you don't find out about...

The first of these dirty secrets is that the cause of the alarming declines in male health and sexual performance... the reason many medical experts now warn we are literally "half the men our fathers were"... is anything BUT natural.

Of course, most of the ads you see - and even some doctors who ignore the research in towing the pharmaceutical company lines - would have you believe that if you don't have as much testosterone coursing through your veins as you did in your teens and your 12's... it's soley due to "natural aging." That you're suffering from some kind of irrevocable "male menopause".

Yes, Big Pharma would actually like you to believe that you're going through your own version of hormonal menopause. They even have a fancy-sounding name for it now - "andropause" - that sounds better on TV commercials.

Now, again, it's a fact that your testosterone levels naturally DO start to slide a little as you get into your 30's, and certainly into your 40's and beyond... just as it did for our fathers and their fathers and their fathers before them... just NOT as dramatically or irreversibly as the drug companies make it sounds...

In fact, the normal drop is only about 1% per year after age 30.

Testosterone Decline.
So why are more and more men giving into extreme options like "testosterone replacement therapy" in record numbers? Why is male hormone replacement therapy, something that didn't even exist a generation ago, now a $2 BILLION a year industry?

Well, here's what you WON'T hear in the TV commercials or the mainstream news media... and certainly not from your government for reasons that will become crystal clear in a moment.
You See, In Addition To The Gradual Slide In Testosterone That Naturally Occurs In All Men Just Like It Has Since The Cavemen Days...
Today You're Getting Attacked
On A SECOND Front... By Estrogen.

Estrogen That's right, the female hormone estrogen.

Now, all men naturally have a certain amount of estrogen, just like women have certain amount of testosterone. It's a fine yet simple balance that's vital to our health: women have more estrogen, men have more testosterone, HOWEVER...

Over the last few decades, estrogen levels in men have been creeping higher and higher... to the extent doctors are now discovering that many men past middle age now have more estrogen than testosterone and in some reports, estrogen levels even higher than in women of the same age!

That means if you're a man over 30, and certainly if you're over 40... chances are high that even if
you still have plenty of natural testosterone, you already have elevated levels of estrogen competing for dominance in your body. I'll explain the absolutely shocking reason why in just a moment.

First, now that you know the menace facing male health is more than just testosterone, you need to know the SECOND dirty secret being kept from you because it directly affects you even if you still wake up every morning with the same "morning wood" as you did in your 20's:

The hormone crisis facing men in America today is not only hurting us in the bedroom... And like Dr. Osborne mentioned before, it starts slowly.

Many men never even think of hormones when they find themselves suddenly "not quite themselves"...

It Might Never Occur To You To Blame Your Hormones Of All Things For Symptoms That All Too Often Get Shrugged Off As Nothing More Than A Phase Or Even Mis-Diagnosed As Depression...

I'm talking qualities just as fundamental to being a man as your sex drive:

Your motivation, your energy, your confidence and competitive spirit - quite simply, your drive to get out there, kick ass and take names. Whether it's on a football field, a golf course. the gym or at the office..

Testosterone Benefits.
How do I know? Because recently, I experienced it for myself. And even with my background in fitness and sports performance, it took me a while to figure out what was happening.

It was just after my first child Karina was born - there were some complications and we were under a lot of stress... yes rather than being able to summon the strength I needed to be a rock for my wife...

...Instead, I began feeling a strange loss of motivation. I felt like I was losing control of my own life and sinking slowly but steadily into a rut I wasn't sure I'd be able to crawl out of...

Even though I didn't have any problems in the bedroom yet, I just wasn't jumping out of bed excited for the day... and I started feeling more and more tired and dejected than ever before... Yet at first, I shrugged the whole thing off as nothing more serious than adjusting to becoming a parent...

Even with my background in fitness and sports, it was only after my wife read an article in a magazine about "low testosterone" that I thought to go to the doctor and have a blood test.

It turned out I was at the "bottom range" of normal... and yet I knew from painful experience watching friends experiment with artificial hormone injections, hormone precursors and even steroids that I certainly did NOT want the side-effects any of these "treatments" are famous for...

Things like acne, sudden fits of rage, shrunken testes, even liver damage and "man boobs"...
Small testes
Man boobs
The "cure" seemed almost worse than the disease...

Thank the Lord, I was about to find an alternative solution I'll tell you about shortly... yet many men today are not so lucky...

Instead, far too many men suffer in silence... until they wake up feeling like just a shadow of their former selves...

They start having trouble at work. Then in the bedroom. Their relationship starts to suffer. Their wives and families begin to wonder...

"What happened to him? Where is the man we
used to know?"

Marriages end up on the rocks, once solid careers stumble, finances suffer... and all to often a "midlife crisis" takes the blame, because no one sees the real culprit hiding in plain sight before it's to late...

Now at this point you might be wondering... if male hormone imbalance is this much of a crisis, and it's only getting worse... why the heck isn't this splashed across the front pages of ever newspaper in America? Why isn't this the lead story on cable news? Shouldn't we be warned about this?

The answer is YES... and yet your government and the very same news media that manufactures scares out of then air on a nightly basis are strangely silent.

Why? Simply because the true source of this crisis is so well-connected and so closely embedded into our lives that making it public would shake our country to the core.

I'm Not Talking About Nothing Less Than Our Nation's
Food And Water Supply.

GMO food A vital resource that is increasingly contaminated by chemical compounds that wreak havoc on your hormonal

Giant corporate food companies add many of these compounds into our food as fertilizers and pesticides sprayed on crops... artificial hormones fed to animals that end up in our plates... or chemical additives in the plastic containers you eat and drink from every single day.

... While many more hormone-scrambling substances enter our water through dumping and runoff from pharmaceutical companies and other corporate polluters that send jobs overseas while offloading their toxins in our backyards.

Every year, millions of tons more of these pollutants enter our food and water system... and out of more than 80,000 of these synthetic chemicals in use today, over 870 of them
have been positively identified as hormone disruptors.

Yes, that's almost a thousand chemicals sending your body's natural hormone balance spiraling out of whack every time you take a sip of water or sit down for a meal...

So forget worrying about fat and cholesterol and sugar and salt and all the food dangers the media loves to nag you about for every minute... because the truth is, this is the real American food threat.

Some of these gender-bending chemicals called "xenoestrogens" actually mimic estrogen in your body - supressing your libido and even causing some men to end up with so-called "man boobs"...

Other chemicals known as "androgen antagonists", do their damage by neutralizing your body's natural testosterone, rendering it ineffective.

While a third particularly scary type, "aromatasies", actually force your body to CONVERT your testosterone into estrogen. This means that even if your body is producing plenty of natural testosterone, it can't do its job...

A few of these chemicals have such potent feminizing effects that drug companies have actually researched them for use as male "birth control"...

Water supply.
And by the way, if you ever drink water from the tap, even if it's filtered... there's a strong probability that you ARE literally consuming pharmaceutical-grade estrogen from birth control pills that makes its way into our streams, rivers, and reservoirs.

This is nothing short of chemical warefare on your health and your masculinity.
And This Rather Than Any "Normal" Decline In Hormone Levels As We Age, Is The Reason We Now Have Guys In Their 20's and 30's With The Testosterone Levels That Might Be Expected For Men In Their 80's.
So what can we do to meet this threat hand-on? What actions can YOU take right now to protect yourself from further harm, and even reverse any damage to your hormonal health?

There's certainly no help coming from the multinational corporations eagerly siphoning these chemicals into our food and water supply... And, big surprise, the Biden administration isn't doing anything about it.

You see, our friend Joe Biden not only allowed this to happen...

... he actively helped the worst offenders do this you YOU! And all for the sake of the Democrat Party cash.

Take Micheal Taylor, former executive from Monsanto. His company manufactures some of the most toxic testosterone-killing chemicals on the planet. But instead of stopping the company in its tracks, Obama promoted him to the head of the Food and Drug Administration!

He literally loaded the dice against you and your health.

Once these guys go, it'll be time to turn American guys back into REAL men again.

But it's going to take years to "clear the minefield" the Biden Administration left in its wake...

You simply don't have time to wait for the new administration to protect you from the flood of T-killing toxins and the epidemic of estrogen-boosting food in your diet. That's why it's down to YOU to take matters into your own hands right now.

At the beginning, we promised you strategies to fight back against this assault on your hormonal health...

... and the good new is, you CAN escape the chemical castration the polluters and their White House buddies are cooking up for you... IF you're willing to take the matters into your own hands.

The first strategy is to simply AVOID the worse sources of chemical contamination hiding in your kitchen and lining America's supermarket shelves today.

That means foods, beverages and plastic packaging material including, but not limited to, non-organic meat and vegetables... traditionally raised eggs from caged chickens... tap water... most bottled water, especially any brand that comes in plasic bottles... non-organic dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt and butter... pre-packaged foods in cans or plastic wrapping... microwavable snacks... and almost any and all brands of beer...
Confused shopper.
If eating, drinking and living this way sounds prohibitively expensive, frustrating and downright impractical, don't worry - I'll reveal a much easier and more budget-friendly strategy in just a minute that only takes you 10 seconds a day. So keep reading...
And This 10-Second Strategy Has Nothing To Do With Artificially Pumping Up Your Testosterone Levels With "Hormone Replacement" Drugs...

The truth is, drugs and supplements that do nothing except pump more testosterone into your veins are little better than steroids I've seen many professional weight-lifters and athletes take over the years only to end up crying over their "man tits" in the mirror.

That's thanks to one of the sneaky kinds of gender-bending chemicals I mentioned earlier called "astrogens"... the ones that actually take your testosterone and turn it into estrogen.

And you can probably guess what happens: The extra testosterone is like trying to put out a fire with lighter fluid... because much of the added "T" simply gets converted into estrogen... while your low-T symptoms get worse instead of better.
And if that wasn't reason enough to avoid the usual testosterone enhancing "miracle cures", medical studies are now linking them to heart attacks in men
under 65...

Fortunately, The Last Latest Science Also Points To A Solution For Male Hormone Health That's Both Effective And Safe... And This Solution Couldn't Possibly Come At A Better Time...
Before I show you how to take advantage of this solution for yourself today, I want to make sure you're aware of the full devastating cost of continuing to do nothing about your hormone balance and your constant exposure to these estrogenic chemical compounds...

First, it doesn't get better... it actually gets a lot WORSE. Because while drops in motivation, confidence, energy, and drive are among the "early stage" symptoms associated with male hormone imbalance...

These symptoms can't compare to the havoc and devastation that more advanced symptoms can wreak on your entire life, your family... and even the health of our great nation.

Scientific studies are showing that male hormone balance is also a "silent killer" contributing to or even outright causing a health-derailing conditions like stubborn weight gain and obesity... Type 2 diabetes... hardening of the arteries and increased deadly arterial plaque... osteoporosis... mental decline, including depression, irritability, brain fog, premature dementia and memory loss... and of course, a shrinking libido and ultimately... impotence.

And those are just the physical symptoms. The effect on your wallet and your family's finances may be just as severe:

Because science is also finally proving that the kind of men we hold up as "alpha males" are not just genetically gifted... whether it's in sports or at the office...

business-man In fact, a recent University of Cambridge study on the testosterone levels of male Wall Street traders uncovered an indisputable link between their success on the trading floor... and their hormone levels. Such a strong link that internationally renowned hormone health expert Malcolm Carruthers concludes in his book "The Testosterone Revolution":

"Men with higher levels of testosterone possess a higher degree of business motivation and sex drive than professionals with less."

Yet "alpha males" are in such diminishing supply, we've now reached a point where it poses a threat to nothing less than the American way of life as we know it.

You See This Everyday: Respect For Men And Masculinity Is At An All-Time Low. "Father knows best" Has Become "Ask Your Mother"...
... and the effects on the traditional American family and family values are visible everywhere... even though once again the media seems determined to ignore it.

We are becoming a nation that lacks the collective motivation, stamina and drive to stand up to injustice... and even to fight for the sanctity of our Constitutional rights, rather than accept defeat wrapped in a government handout.

Just as men are losing stature in American culture, America is losing stature in the world... and the great economy built on the confidence and risk-taking spirit of generations of American men is crumbling... leaving us as weak as a country as many men now feel in their own homes.
It makes me ashamed to think of the possibility that we many end up being the first generation to pass on a country to our sons and grandsons that is weaker than we found it...

or even sit back and watch the EXTINCTION of anything resembling true manhood in America.

America male It's just one more reason why I'm so relieved and excited to share the strategy I'm finally confident is powerful enough to fight back and rebuild what we've lost, both at home and in our communities...

That's a mission that starts with YOU realizing every inch of your full potential as a red-blooded American man...

And that's why for the past few years I've been working with Gary Watson and his team at Critical Nutrition Labs - a leading American company on the cutting edge of sports science and hormonal health research - to find a real solution to the problem of male hormone imbalance...

A solution that's safe... that doesn't cost thousands of dollars like dangerous testosterone replacement therapy treatments... and that doesn't involve re-arranging your whole life and diet just to avoid the contamination that you now know is causing you harm.

I first met Gary Watson when I was going through that "rut" of low motivation and confidence I told you about after my first child was born... and the natural strategies he introduced me to impressed me so much, I not only got my own "mojo" back... I've been working with Critical Nutrition Labs as a member of their Advisory Board ever since to make this solution even better... and we're finally ready to pull back the curtain on a true breakthrough for you...

Because as we've hinted at a couple times already, this solution literally takes you about 10 seconds a day...

Here's How It Works...

Alaska Rather than trying to avoid every possible source of these estrogen-mimicking chemicals I told you about, which is probably impossible unless you move to Alaska and live in a tent and hunt and gather your own food...

The far better solution is to take advantage of certain natural plants and herbs that have medical studies behind them proving their ability to restore your body's natural hormone balance to where it's suppose to be.

I'm talking about peer-reviewed, clinical trials with real people, not just little white mice in a cage.

Of course, restoring your hormone balance isn't just about boosting testosterone.

In fact, chances are you're producing enough natural testosterone already that you don't need much more... it's simply being neutralized by estrogenic chemicals in your body before it can do its duty.

So Again, That Means The Solution Isn't Just Loading Up On Extra Testosterone...

It's Supporting Your Body's NATURAL Testosterone While At The Same Time, Ridding Your Body Of The Excess Estrogen That's Dragging You Down.
I like to think of it like driving a car: With estrogenic chemicals holding you back, it's like you're trying to drive a car on the highway in neutral. No matter how hard you push the gas pedal to the floor, you're not going anywhere...

That's why we call the 10-second solution we've pioneered, "T-Drive"...
T drive.
Because it's custom engineered based on the latest research to re-vitalize and restore your hormone balance so you can fire on all cylinders as a man just like you did in your 20's, with no slowing down in sight...
What Makes This Possible?
T-Drive™ uses a uniquely powerful custom combination of raw ingrediants to safely boost your testosterone... while keeping unnatural estrogen levels in check at the same time.

To make this happen for you, T-drive™ starts out with the most powerful and safe and natural testosterone booster known to modern science...

... a native Malaysian called Eurycoma longfolia that naturally supports your body's testosterone production without any known side-effects. You may have heard of it by the name "tongkay ali" or "Longjack"...
Long a closely held malaysian 'folk remedy' for increased sex drive, modern clinical trials are proving that eurycoma is safe natural alternative to expensive synthetic hormone replacement therapy.

Teste By boosting luteinizing hormone in your testes, one recent study documented an astonishing 440% increase in testosterone in testicular cells... while another study that measured particapants' testosterone levels through their saliva found a still-impressive 132% bump.

Meanwhile, in yet a 3rd study at 66% of the subjects experienced both a 73% increase in free testosterone AND a significant decrease in the hormone blocker SHBG within just 3 weeks...

By the way, Eurycoma is also known as "Malaysian ginseng"... and it turns out it's NOT the only ginseng with proven testosterone-enhancing properties.

A 2013 study in Brazil found that T-drive™'s second testosterone booster, Panax ginseng, successfully increased T-Production in testicular cells.

And that's only the beginning...

Because with "tonkat ali" and Panax ginseng all by themselves, you could boost your testosterone one through the roof... and still see ZERO results, or even experience worse symptoms than ever before as astromastic chemicals convert all your fresh new testosterone into health-derailing estrogen...
And That's Why T-Drive™ ALSO Includes THREE Powerful "Bodyguards" To Inhibit The Breakdown Of Testosterone And Make Sure It Does Its Job Everywhere It's Needed...

Bodyguard #1 Diindolylmethane

The first of these is called Diindolylmethane - fortunately known more often simply as "DIM"...

Even though it sounds like some exotic substance cooked up in a lab it's actually an antioxidant and phytonutrient found in trace amounts in everday vegetables like cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower...

Now, these might not be your favourite foods to load up on at dinner... yet you might be tempted to fill your plate with these veggies now that you know what DIM is proving itself as one of the most potent estrogen fighters ever discovered...

In fact, one study found DIM's estrogen-inhibiting prowess was so potent it could be successfully used to fight prostate concer cells.

Fortunately, you don't need to eat the 2-plus pounds of broccoli you'd have to crunch down
every day to take advantage of this compound, just swallow a capsule and chase it with a sip of water.

We've even reinforced DIM's second-to-none testosterone-protecting capacity with a second "backup" ingrediant - White Button Mushroom.

Bodyguard #2 White Button Mushroom

Like DIM, White Button Mushroom has proven itself in the lab and in human clinical trials to fight estrogen so successfully that one recent study reported its successful use in eradicating estrogen-fueled breast cancer cells.

These two ingrediants alone would likely be enough to keep health derailing estrogen in check... yet to make absolutely sure estrogens have zero chance to sabotage your results... T-Drive™ also includes a healthy dose of a third chemical-busting compound.

Bodyguard #3 Acacetin

It's called Acacetin, and I'm proud to say this breakthrough ingrediant comes from a plant discovered right here in the USA. In fact, it's from a small plant known to scienists as "Turnera diffusa"... and a study at the University of Mississippi showed Acacetin all by itself could supress up to 63% of astromastic activity in your body.

With these three powerful natural ingrediants working together for you for the first time ever... frankly, the estrogenic chemicals keeping your testosterone down don't even stand a chance...

Allowing you to experience the FULL unrestrained benefits of restored, youthful levels of testosterone like those you enjoyed in you 20's without any of the usual obstacles in your path.

Here is the label so you can see the exact amounts of each ingredient:


In short, T-Drive Delivers A Carefully Calibrated "One-Two Punch" Designed to BOTH Raise Your Natural Testosterone And Supress The Estrogenic Compounds That Normally Rob You Of Your Testosterone's Full Effects.
All it takes to enjoy the full benefits of all of these carefully selected balance-restoring ingredients is 10 seconds each morning to swallow 2 capsules of T-Drive™ with a glass of water – with or without food...

T-Drive™ is produced for you in a state-of-the-art American facility in Pennsylvania... and everything inside has been custom engineered for your maximum health and safety with no expense spared to bring you the absolute best results – down to every last detail…

For example, to make it even easier for your body to absorb its powerful ingredients… T-Drive™ comes in clear, all-natural capsules with zero fillers, rather than the usual cheaper “gelatin” used by most supplements.

All natural
And remember… the absolute best part about T-Drive™ is that it restores your native male hormone balance naturally, rather than adding artificial testosterone that often makes your imbalance worse rather than better…

That’s crucial for your long-term results, because here’s the other hidden problem with testosterone replacement therapy and most supplements that claim to boost testosterone:
Rather Than Simply Reinforcing Your Testosterone, Other Testosterone Supplements Often Cause Your Body’s Own Natural Testosterone Production To Stop Altogether.

That means, the minute you stop taking the competitors supplement for any reason at all… your testosterone levels crash through the floor. That’s a cost no one should have to pay – and the last thing I want for you is to risk your long-term hormonal health for results today. I want you to enjoy both...

So at Critical Nutrition Labs, we’ve not only built T-Drive™ around the latest science backed by human clinical trials… we’ve actually used ourselves as the “guinea pigs” for these ingredients.

That’s why I’m so comfortable assuring you that T-Drive™ not only delivers the results we’ve revealed in this presentation... it will NEVER block or interfere with your natural hormones, only support them.

It is the first and ONLY scientifically-proven formula to support your body’s own natural testosterone while blocking the effects of harmful estrogenic chemicals to ensure that you experience the full effect of renewed hormone balance in every area of your life…

All within as little as a few weeks from the day you take your first capsule of T-Drive™.

In fact, just imagine experiencing what I call the “magic morning” – it’s the morning when you wake up and you realize “something” is different… Rather than hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock, you can’t wait to get out of bed.

You feel such a surge of physical and mental energy that you could almost skip your morning coffee and dive right into your day. You find yourself making decisions quickly and freely ... You feel a motivation, clarity and DRIVE that makes every task seem almost effortless...

And of course, your mood only gets better in the bedroom when your partner notices the “extra” energy and stamina you now seem to unleash on demand, without having to stress about it or even think about it, let alone wonder if you’ll need to fall back on a little blue pill.

Healthy sex drive
And When Your Head Hits The Pillow At The End Of This Exhilarating Day, You Sleep The Kind Of Deep, Renewing Sleep You Haven’t Experienced In Years... It’s Almost Like Being 25 Again, On A Really Good Day...
Yes, this is just a day-dream for today… but it doesn’t have to be for long. That’s how powerful restoring your body’s natural male hormone balance truly is…

And I don’t want you to have to put off experiencing your own REAL “magic morning” even a minute longer than you have to...

Now, I won’t lie to you – a carefully prepared scientific formulation like T-Drive™ is normally not a cheap investment.

After all, the cost of risky testosterone replacement therapy runs to over $700 bucks per DOSE... while T-Drive™, which you now know does so much more for your health and vitality should really cost even more if we’re playing fair..

Male support
And money aside, when you think about it how much is your libido, your sexual performance, your physical and mental energy, your motivation and confidence, let alone your overall health “worth” to you? Can you even PUT a price on something this valuable?

Of course, despite our current administration’s best efforts, we’re not socialists… so I certainly do need to put a real-world price on T-Drive™ today…

Yet I also want to make sure anyone committed to restoring and living their full potential as a man can afford this.

That’s why T-Drive™ retails from our online store for $79 per bottle, which contains a one-month supply at the recommended daily dose.

However, that price is not for you...

By reading this far, you’ve just proven that you take your hormone health and vitality as seriously as we take ours… and we feel you should be rewarded for that level of integrity and commitment.

That’s why from this page only you can secure an instant $10 per bottle discount right now and get all the amazing benefits of T-Drive™ working for you for just $69 today.

However, we at Critical Nutrition Labs can only guarantee this price until our current inventory of T-Drive™ runs out. That’s because the price for the premium rare ingredients contained in this unique formula is continually changing – forcing us to carefully re-evaluate our pricing with each new production run… And that’s not marketing hype, just the honest truth of running a business.

So stocking up today is a smart option for you – and here’s another great reason to think ahead: Provided T-Drive™ is still in stock, you will see not just one but three money-saving options directly below for you to choose from and claim even greater instant savings.

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So here’s exactly what to do: For fastest service, simply choose the money-saving option below that best fits your needs and then click the order button to secure your supply of T-Drive™ and go straight to our secure order page.

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After All, Even Though The Ingredients We’ve Included In T-Drive™ Are Clinically Proven To Put You Back In Control Of Your Natural Hormone Balance, Your Sex Drive, Confidence And Vitality, And Even Your Overall Health...

As a first-time user I realize you have yet to experience those results and I understand that you may still be skeptical, as any red-blooded American should be in today’s world.
60 day
You deserve to know that your purchase is fully protected – and that’s why our “Empty Bottle Guarantee” means you can try T-Drive™ today, and if at any point over the next 60 days you feel T-Drive™ isn’t for you…for any reason at all… even if you decide you just don’t like the picture we used on the bottle… you can get a prompt, courteous refund of every penny you paid, even if you’ve gone through every single dose in the bottle. All you need to do is contact our friendly customer support team at

Okay, let’s do a quick final recap of what we’ve learned...

First, no matter what symptoms you may be suffering today, you really CAN restore the healthy, vital male hormone balance you enjoyed when you were in your 20’s, and it starts with the unique formula behind T-Drive™…

Second, you cannot rely on “testosterone boosters” alone – whether through risky hormone replacement therapy or andro-supplements – to fix your broken hormonal health. Studies now show that if you attempt to increase your testosterone without blocking the gender-bending chemicals standing by to turn your male hormones into feminizing estrogen, your symptoms will only get worse, not better.

Third, to protect your body’s long-term production of testosterone, you want to make sure that any supplement you take naturally supports your natural hormone levels, rather than artificially replacing them with steroid-like substances that can ruin your long-term hormonal health…

And finally, you absolutely must start here and you must start now!
All You Need To Do To Start T-Drive™ Risk-Free At Today’s Guaranteed Low Price Is To Look Below Right Now, Choose Your Best Money-Saving Option And Click The Button To Complete Your Secure Order On The Next Page…
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I’ve “stacked the deck” here to make sure there’s no way you can lose – so whatever option you choose, I honestly hope that by now you agree you need to do something…

Because the harsh truth is, there are really only two possible paths you can take from here now that you’ve read this report and know the truth…

You can choose to ignore the warnings you’ve seen here… and even ignore the telltale signs and symptoms that you now KNOW signal that your hormonal health and balance is beginning to tilt out of balance…

And remember, as you travel this road things only get steadily worse, not better. It may start with a slow decline in your confidence, motivation and drive at home and at work that you barely notice until it becomes your new everyday reality…

Then you realize that even though you’re still going strong in the bedroom, you’re just not thinking about or desiring sex as much as you know you used to before.

Before too long, you start noticing the physical symptoms… You start putting on a “spare tire” of stubborn fat around your belly that won’t go away no matter how many times a week you hit the gym… Your work performance suffers, and you feel like you can’t get a damn thing done… You’re waking up less and less often with the same usual “morning wood” you once took for granted… Your sex life starts to slow down, and you can tell that your wife is just as confused and as you are.

And as you travel further and further down this road without taking action to change course, your hormonal imbalance begins to impact your health more and more month by month… until finally, you wish you could remember what to do about it, if only that ever-present “brain fog” would lift and you could think straight again…

Despite everything you’ve seen and heard today, you can keep following this treacherous path today, tomorrow, next month and beyond, and follow whatever frightening twists and turns it takes you on… OR…

You Can Take The Second Path… The SMART Path… And Experience How Effortless It Really CAN Be For You To Restore The Healthy, Vital Male Hormone Balance You Enjoyed In Your 20’s, Starting Today Risk-Free…

restore health men
When you do, one day soon – likely just weeks from today – you’ll wake up to your own “magic morning” where everything just seems to start clicking into place in your life… from your bedroom to your work… to the respect you feel from your family, friends and co-workers.

The motivation and calm, eager confidence you jump out of bed with each morning… the slimming waistline and even long-lost abs you may notice making a comeback in the mirror… the surprised looks from younger guys who thought they were about to run circles around you until you put them in their place… and the sound, deeply restful sleep you look forward to at the end of a the day, knowing you kicked ass from morning to night and you’ve got what it takes to get up tomorrow and do it all over again…

Speaking for all of us on today’s panel – myself Dr. Osborne, and the team at Critical Nutrition Labs – it is our genuine hope that this second path is the direction you choose and experience… and I know it’s also the path that you desire for yourself.

So make this a great day: Select your money-saving T-Drive™ package below right now, and then click the order button to secure your guaranteed low price to get started toward your new future right now…
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What Our Customers Love About TDrive!
Chris wilson
I started taking T-Drive 3 weeks ago and ever since the first week, I’ve felt like a different guy. I’m 38 years YOUNG and I need to be alert, active and ready for anything with my nearly 3 year old son on top of being productive at work and a good husband. My mood is noticeably better throughout the day and when I first wake up in the morning after a goodnight’s rest, I’m upbeat and looking forward to what lies ahead. My sexual interests have also improved and I’m even drinking less caffeinated drinks in the afternoon to stay motivated and energetic. I’m also feeling an extra dose of excitement for my workouts at the gym. I can’t wait to get my next bottle since my first one is almost out!

-Chris Wilson

Erik B
I've been taking this product for some time now. I can't even begin to fully explain it just how excited I am about it. I started working out with serious intentions about a year-and-a-half ago. I was doing pretty good with my diet, rest and exercise. Some days I felt really good and other days I kind of felt like I wasn't getting results... I was getting discouraged by the fact that my weight and body fat % weren't going anywhere. On top of that, all this hard work was just making me tired. I didn't even have energy to keep up with my kids while playing in the yard and my wife didn't have that same smile she used to have. You know what I mean.

Then I started to do some research and discovered the effects of low testosterone and the several causes of it. I'm 40 and I like my beer! Well that's a Testosterone 9-1-1... I needed something to help me out here. I knew I could cut back on drinking beer but I couldn't do anything about my age. I needed something outside of my diet to increase my T levels... So I looked further for a natural solution that worked with my natural production not against it...

Since I started taking TDrive, my favorite supplement, I'm slowly losing body fat and gaining muscle. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying this is all you need. You still have to keep your diet, rest and exercise in check, but some people just need that extra bump to take it over the top as I do... Now, I'm seeing better results and so is my family... My mood is a lot better, I'm always outside playing football with my kids and my wife has definitely got her smile back... I am full of energy compared to before and another plus guys is that I'm getting more stuff done around the house.

You heard me, that "honey - do" list is getting shorter because even after a 12-hour workday, I feel like I can do at least something each day and stay ahead of the game... I'll end with this: this is a great product. Just give it a try and give it a little time and an honest effort. You will reap the benefits and so will your family!!!

-Erik Broemmel – Very happy customer

Mark L
I was skeptical, but decided to give it a try because of their 60 day guarantee. My results from TDrive were solid, and my order process was quick and easy. I had noticeable increases in libido and energy within a couple weeks…enough that this will definitely be a part of my daily supplement regimen.

-Mike Lebeober

Steve y
I’m not what I consider “old” – only 34, but I had been noticing a drop in energy and libido over a period of a few months. I’ve got a stressful job, a wife, 2 small kids, and a thousand things on my to-do list…and it was talking its toll on me. I looked into a lot of natural solutions and started taking TDrive in hopes it would on the energy and libido front, and I wasn’t disappointed! Within a few weeks I noticed my energy wasn’t fading as early in the day, and I was definitely more interested in the “evening activities” than I was during my “slump”. Needless to say I’m very satisfied with TDrive (as is my wife) and I’ll be buying more when I run out!

-Steve Young

Joel C
I was talking with my wife, about 4 months ago, about how I just don’t have the energy I had in the past. I have always been the type to jump up in the mornings ready for the day.

I thought maybe it had to do with me getting older (41), but I just could not accept that reasoning. I work out regularly and try and watch what I eat, so I couldn’t believe my age was the cause of my sudden slump. Then I heard about TDrive and started taking it.

Now, I am back to my young self! I awake before the alarm goes off, like I use to and am full of energy all day. I am so glad I found this product and hope others make the same change I did!

-Joel Conti, VA Beach

Frequently Asked Questions:
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Q: Who is TDrive For?

If you are a man who wants to increase your libido, your sexual performance, your physical and mental energy, your motivation and confidence, and your overall health by restoring your natural hormone balance so that you can reclaim your full potential as a man, TDrive is for you.

Q: When will my TDrive ship?

When you order today, TDrive will be shipped within 48-hours by UPS or USPS to your home or business.

Q: When should I take my TDrive?

Take two-capsules once a day with a glass of water in the morning.

Q: Is it safe?

TDrive is not a prescription drug, it is a safe all natural herbal nutritional supplement. It does not shut off your natural testosterone production but rather supports it. In addition it uses natural plants and herbs that have medical studies behind them proving their ability to restore your body's natural hormone balance to where it's supposed to be by boosting testosterone and suppressing estrogen.

Q: How does TDrive work?

In short, T-Drive delivers a carefully calibrated "one-two punch" designed to BOTH raise your natural testosterone and suppress the estrogenic compounds that normally rob you of your testosterone's full effects.

Q: What makes TDrive unique?

It is the first and ONLY scientifically-proven formula to support your body's own natural testosterone while blocking the effects of harmful estrogenic chemicals to ensure that you experience the full effect of renewed hormone balance in every area of your life…

Q: How long after taking TDrive until I experience my magic morning?

Give the product a trial run of at least 60-days for the best possible results.

Q: Is TDrive Gluten Free?

Yes absolutely. T-Drive™ is produced for you in a state-of-the-art American facility in Pennsylvania… and everything inside has been custom engineered for your maximum health and safety with no expense spared to bring you the absolute best results – down to every last detail…

For example, to make it even easier for your body to absorb its powerful ingredients… T-Drive™ comes in clear, all-natural capsules with zero fillers, rather than the usual cheaper "gelatin" used by most supplements.

Q: Is it safe to use my credit card online?

Yes. It is completely safe. Your order will be passed through a secure connection and your credit card information cannot be accessed by anyone. Your financial information is not stored. We use the same technology utilized by Amazon.

Q: Are there any side effects?

TDrive has an excellent safety record with no significant side effects reported. However, with any supplement there is a risk of allergy to an ingredient. If you experience this, discontinue use.

Q: Who should not take TDrive?

Males under the age of 18 years old as females that are breast feeding or pregnant should not take TDrive.

Q: Can I take TDrive if I take other supplements?

Yes. TDrive does not hinder the effects of any other supplements and there are no known supplements that make TDrive less potent.

Q: Can I buy TDrive at a health food store?

No, it is only available online at this web page and is not available cheaper anywhere else.

Q: What if it doesn't work for me?

You deserve to know that your purchase is fully protected

– and that's why our "Empty Bottle Guarantee" means you can try T-Drive™ today, and if at any point over the next 60 days you feel T-Drive™ isn't for you… for any reason at all… even if you decide you just don't like the picture we used on the bottle…you can get a prompt, courteous refund of every penny you paid, even if you've gone through every single dose in the bottle.

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